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05 Nov 13


Sweet staff and very nice clothing!

I love the way hemp clothing feels, very strong and soft! And apart from the fact that the people over at Hempworks are very friendly, they actually know what they are talking about!

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19 Nov 13

We Unite

Laugh yoga, crazy and cool!

I went to the Happy Shiny You event and was a bit skeptical about laghter yoga. It was quite challenging not to get involved and try out new things myself. During the introduction I was able to join the laughing yoga and was especially pleasantly suprised by the presenter who did a marvelous job! At the same time it was quite challenging to fully commit to the program. However, trying out new things to me is always good and hope I will do better next time! Thanks for the great time and see you guys soon!

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09 Nov 13

Golden Temple

First time to a vegetarian restaurant

To give some background information about me, I am a hardcore meat eater. I’d choose spare ribs or steak over a vegetarian meal any day. However, I had a friend over from New York who is a vegetarian and had to look for something that my guest would like.

Golden Temple was recommended by a friend and I am happy he did. Although I’ve lived in Amsterdam for over 8 years, this was the first time I tried out a vegetarian restaurant but will certainly not be the last time. The atmosphere at the Golden Temple was very relaxing. The candles, painted walls and laid back personnel made us feel right at home. Although there were a lot of guests, it didn’t feel crowded and we were able to have a decent conversation without having to shout at the top of our lungs.

This was the first time the restaurant tried out their new menu, which the waitress let us know in advance. Due to this change in menu the evening might not go as smooth as usual. She was very transparent about the situation which we appreciated a lot. There were some mistakes with drinks and we had to wait quite a bit for our food, but this was made up by the quality of the food.

I personally have had many bad experiences with the quality of vegetarian food, as I perceive it to usually be quite bland and lacking of taste. I am the type of person that loves a good steak or spare ribs to chew on. However, the Japanese noodle dish was probably one of the better meals I’ve had in a long time. Overall I am pleasantly surprised and would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to try out something new.

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