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19 Apr 14

Go ! Greenbar

Go!Greenbar: the healthy snack for excellence!

I had the opportunity to taste some of these delicious health bars Go!Greenbar and from the beginning I was captured from the packaging that immediately made my mouth water. So I decided that would be my snack to munch on while I was running around from one place to another. Most of the desserts or snacks that we find on supermarket shelves are full of sweeteners and basically harmful to our health and that of our children. That's right ... kids, in fact Go!Greenbar has thought of them with Go!GreenKids energy bars. My favorite is definitely the red berries bar, the mixture is completely natural, soft and very fruity, great to delight your taste buds and ideal to nourish your body in a tasty and healthy way, even during short breaks work . They are gluten and lactose free, 100% natural, rich in protein and carbohydrates, able to provide the right amount of energy to face the day without sacrificing the goodness of the product, and available in various flavors. If you are a chocolate lover, I recommend you to try the Choco Coco, a delicious mix of cocoa and coconut that I'm sure you would like to bite now. Next time you come into a bar and you don’t know what to choose, maybe instead of the usual hyper caloric chocolate snack you can try Go!Greenbar for a pleasant handful of energy enclosed in a tasty snack ! What can I say .. super recommended , especially for your children!!!

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