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13 Feb 14

Alchemist Garden

Raw Food? ...Lekker!!! :)

Walking  around in Overtoom we were attracted by a window with beautiful aloe plants and intrigued by what the raw products exactly are, as we got inside we were immediately pleased by a fresh atmosphere but at the same time warm and relaxing. The diversity of products is remarkable, we noticed a very tempting sandwich made with raw food but we just had the pleasure to taste a delicious chocolate biscuit, above our expectations. The visit was fleeting but satisfying, we can not wait to go back for a nice lunch :) Perfect for a couple who wants to share a little bit of "sweetness" :D Absolutely recommended.

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28 Nov 13

Asahi Sports

Nice place!

I saw this place from the tram always but didnt know what was in there. Then i saw all the wweights thye had online here. The people are nice inside and they spoke good english. I am going to buy my weights from here from now on.  There is more than what you can expect in this shop!

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