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24 Sep 13

The Soulsister Vitamins

Better than an apple a day!

I love Love LOVE this store.... The best of it's kind in Amsterdam, hands down. Cleban on the Heiligeweg used to be the premier drugstore/apothecary shop of Amsterdam before they closed and Miranda, the owner of the Soul Sister Vitamins, was the manager. Her store is even better! Think of every doctor you have ever met and compare their energy level and aura of vitality with Miranda's. I never met a doctor as healthy as the patroness of this store that is so good it's magic. I know stuff, but Miranda is a walking, talking, oh so charming Encyclopedia of Healthcare Knowledge. The service alone deserves a 10+! 

The product range is competitively priced and top quality. She has a vast selection and frequently The SoulSister Vitamins is the only shop in town stocking an excellent, but hard to find 'must have' wellness product or nutritional supplement. You really couldn't miss the store if you tried, brilliant, vibrant location, also really nice clientele, which is good for Miranda, also nice for the patrons, who are very often sweet, cool and conscious people committed to taking such good care of their health that it is very unlikely they will ever fall ill. The fresh wheatgrass juice shots for 2euro50 are only an added bonus. 

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