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28 Mar 14

Huisartsen Praktijk Keizersgracht (HAPK)

When I HAVE to go to the doctor

I usually opt for all natural treatments, using a holistic approach and allowing my body to heal itself. But once a year or so, I find myself in such a bad way that I know a trip to HAPK is needed.

Dr. Dany is open, inquisitive and direct. He makes you feel comfortable at a stressful time. He uses a great background of knowledge to diagnose problems and his office has all of the modern equipment to support him.

He is not opposed to alternative forms of medicine and we often talk (in both English & Dutch) at great lengths about possible approaches to treatment.

The offices are centrally located and very bright and spacious. The practice looks more like an architect's office than a doctor's. I realize the design is meant to be minimal and "strak" but my only suggestion is to maybe add a single sofa (nice and contemporary) for people who would like something soft for their bottoms! ;)

But really, if that's my only comment about the place, then you know it's great. :D


I had quite a good relationship with my former huisarts (GP), but I still chose to move to HAPK based on so many factors. I am very happy and recommend them to both expats and Dutchies alike! 


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03 Jul 13

Edel Wijs

Like a kid in a candy shop!


I love this shop because they have products that are fun to try and good for u too. There are literally hundreds of different natural herbs and roots that are really obscure and hard to find in other places. They also have some tasty chocolates, fruits. teas and other superfoods.

The guys at the shop are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Not pushy and down to earth.

The place has a nice feel about it and some good energy. In the summer the back yard serves as a sample garden and a chill out spot. :)

There is something for everyone in Edelwijs. I recommend it highly.

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10 Oct 13

Sloepdelen 1

10 Oct 13

Sloepdelen 2