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04 Feb 14


Pregnancy RLS

I haven't suffered from many typical downsides of pregnancy, apart from slight joint pains in my last trimester. I searched online and self diagnosed myself with RLS - restless leg syndrom = unknown joint (mainly ankles and knees) pain that comes and goes, usually occuring during evening time, common in pregnancy. I spoke to my huisarts about it and was suggested to go to the hospital to get tested for arthritis. I doubted that that could be the cause as it doesnt run in my family, and I wouldn't be considered for tests because of my "condition" anyway... I scheduled an appointment with dr Alex to see if he has an idea of how to deal with this discomfort. Online, I found no solution for any relief, and I did not want to try any pain medication. 

As I sort of expected, my symptoms were common for RLS, and indeed, there is no treatment. I had a stress test done using a prickly stress mat (its a mat that you rest your legs on to see how quickly the redness will go away) - I found that my blood circulation was just fine, and after further discussion, my diet shouldn't be to blame. I didn't show any signs of arthritis. I appreciated our chat about vaccinations and a few general health topics I wanted to discuss. 

 In the end, dr Alex did not suggest any medication or specific streatment, but rather a warm bath before bedtime. Although this was no magical cure, it did ease my stressed out and tired prengnant mind :) The baths actually helped!

My visit was covered by my basis polis from Agis, so I did not have to pay for the visit out of pocket. Overall I would recommend dr Alex for his natural and responsible approach to pain. By this, I mean avoiding medication when not absolutely necessary :) He speaks good English and has a lovely practice. He seems to know a lot about running, and how to do it in a way to not hurt yourself - I actually did not realize that there is a "good" and "bad" way... 

Im attaching a photo of the stress mat I tried out

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17 Mar 14

DISH Global Kitchen

10 Nov 13

The Movement Practice

Riding the pelvic elevator :)

I have always been a hardcore workout person, but recently had to change my exercise routine due to pregnancy. I get mixed messages as to how much a mom-to-be can do, and have been advised to stop running and start doing regular but lighter workouts. I have tried pregnancy yoga (very enjoyable, but simple not enough to break a sweat or feel that my muscles had actually done anything, at least not at this stage). I have never tried Pilates in my life, but was encouraged to try pre-natal Pilates classes.

I came across The Movement Practice, and have been following one class a week for a few months now. Its way different than yoga, with more focus on isolating various muscle groups. The motions are slow, and careful yet I feel they work! We do a lot of kegel-like exercises with focus on strengthening our pelvic muscles. Most of the time, a standbyer would never know we are actually doing anything, as the majority of motion is happening inside :) That said, we do a lot!

The group consists of all pregnant ladies in various belly sizes, and one by one we wave goodbye to future mommies in their 39+ week. We are all encouraged to hear about their births and happy babies. So far, the only real proof that the pregnancy will actually ever end... The group is a mixed bunch of nationalities, with many Dutch, German and Americans. The classes are taught mainly in English, with some Dutch explanations in case a motion is not 'duidelijk' in English...but hey, most native English speakers wouldn't know what to do when told to "square the baby", so we all actually require an explanation ;-)

Our teacher, Susanne, is a lovely and bubbly instructor who helps us greatly understand what we can and cannot do, for the best of our babies. I've heard that she has had two babies herself, which seems almost impossible when looking at her lean body. Yet more proof that a pregnancy does not have to ruin your figure forever, and with a bit of effort, everything goes back into place! I hope to continue with post-natal classes as well, I hear that some mommies are back as soon as a few weeks after giving birth. Something to look forward to :)

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05 Nov 13

Tandarts Praktijk Rene - De Natuurlijke Tandarts

I finally found MY dentist in Amsterdam

Recently I had my very first checkup at Tandartspraktijk Rene. I can't write that it was the funnest time - it was a dental appointment after all and not a night out ;-)

But, considering that it could have been traumatic, I actually enjoyed it in a way. I arrived at 18.45 for my sign up, together with my insurance card, ID and uittreksel from the gemeente, confirming my address. (They asked for a bank statement, but I don't get those in paper form anymore). I only had to fill in a form regarding my medical history and possible allergies.

The reception staff were very friendly and helpful, and the practice is nice as well. Clean and modern, it has a nice feel to it. The practice room I was led to was spacious, modern and very clean. I was welcomed by dr. Rene himself, a very warm, friendly and calm man, who speaks perfect English. I do speak Dutch, but when it comes to describing potential tooth concerns, I still rather do it in English...

My checkup went smoothly, and luckily my teeth only required a good cleaning. A bit of ionized water in between cleaning, sanding and polishing, finished with a spray of colloidal silver water, topped with a herbal paste, and we were done. We spent a few minutes (plus in between the whole cleaning action) talking about various things like Kangen water filters vs reverse osmosis filters; I was applauded for ditching the fluoride tooth paste many months ago.

I will spare you the details, but we also discussed how I can clean the area of my teeth that I can't ever floss and dr. Rene advised I do regular coconut oil pulling with some organic coconut oil. To whiten? Be consistent with using banana peel rubs - it has an excellent working. I'm not sure if this is similar advice you would get from any normal dentist, but was certainly to my liking! It's great that dr. Rene believes in natural cures, and not in advising medication and regular products. He clearly practices what he preaches, or at least what his practice name states...

Overall, I would recommend Tandartspraktijk Rene to anyone who believes in natural solutions over chemicals and medicines. I rated the location a bit lower, since it is not in city center, but the parking was free and very available.

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02 Oct 13

Forty Degrees

Sweat like there is no tomorrow!

I have been a regular at Forty Degrees and I love it! Every time I went down the Overtoom, I watched with anticipation as they were preparing to open. I was not disappointed. The studio is very fresh and modern, and the minimalistic style suits me. I really liked the introduction offer at €25 for 10 classes in 10 consecutive days. Its a very attractive offer, and they throw in a free mat to use and a free welcome drink.

I rated the relaxation part a bit lower than rest, because hot yoga is really hard work, and the relaxation parts kicks in after class (or a few classes, once you get the hang of things). Hot yoga is quite challenging, since there are certain rules to obey by...In contrast to other types of yoga, the instructor rather dictates what the class is supposed to do, without partaking himself. It takes some discipline to not wipe off your sweat at any time, and believe me, there is so much sweat going on, you really have the urge to wipe it away.

You are advised to not drink water throughout the class, and rather focus on the poses and breathing. The temperature takes time to get used to, and if you are feeling a bit overheated, they still want you to stick around in the room but without maintaining the poses. This is for your own safety to avoid drastic temperature changes.

Overall, hot yoga classes are very challenging but very rewarding at the same time. Funny enough, the biggest challenge for me was pulling my clothes back on after class, since your body continues to sweat up to 30 minutes after class, in my case :) I love that you can just drop by any class, without having to commit with any reservation upfront. In Amsterdam, where it often rains, its great to not have to 'sweat' about any cancellation costs in case you don't make it to class...I would recommend Forty Degrees to anyone who is curious to try hot yoga...

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28 Sep 13

Huisartsen Praktijk Keizersgracht (HAPK)

Great huisarts in city center

I have used the same huisarts for many years. I was very happy with the doctor himself, but always felt that I must wait a long time for an appointment, call within specific calling hours, and the waiting room was always full with sick people. Yes, shouldn't be a surprise, but I rarely get ill myself. I would come by on occasion to discuss a minor issue, and leave fearing that I got someone elses cold or flu. These issues were a bit of a hassle... I decided to change to a new huisartsen praktijk - HAPK, and I suddenly discovered a new world. No waiting for my appointment - I was there three times, and everything was always on schedule. No calling for an appointment - now I do it online, have access to the agenda so i can easily select when a visit is convenient for me! After selecting the doctor and time, I simply get an email confirmation, and I am set! The doctors all speak really good English, which is helpful for an expat like myself. The practice is lovely, the waiting room is large and modern, and I have never seen anyone actually waiting - everyone seems to get in and out, smoothly... Doctor Hollemans is friendly and helpful, and always does her best to put me at ease :) The practice is very easy to access by tram and bike, and so far, I would recommend it to everyone I know...

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10 Oct 13

The Soulsister Vitamins