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22 Jul 14

Pizzakamer - West

29 Apr 14


trippy shop

Ive purchased a few herbal energy products and they have worked well. I like the shop, it has nice happy colors, a nice garden in front with cactuses. I see lots of nice items i would buy as presents for friends.

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28 Jun 14

Vitamin Advice Shop

My multivitamin

I've been coming to this vitamin shop since I moved to Amsterdam. The ladies are always nice and helpful, and speak really good English. They recommended I take a Solgar multivitamin, and it seems to work well...

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17 Apr 14

De Bolhoed

27 Jan 14

The Taco Shop

Damm good mexican food

I eat the mexican from a few other places in town but this one has such great taste!!! I LOVE the chicken super taco with extra sauce. not much space inside so I take the tacos out to the river in front. I will go back for sure. 

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10 Oct 13


10 Oct 13

Asahi Sports

10 Oct 13

Rijwielhandel De Stadsfiets

10 Oct 13

Amstel Fietspoint

10 Oct 13

Jay's Juices

10 Oct 13

De Waaghals

10 Oct 13

Life is Yummy

10 Oct 13

Wild Moa Pies

10 Oct 13

Hans Struijk Fietsen Amsterdam