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22 Jul 14

Pizzakamer - West

03 Jul 13

Vinnies Deli

Good vibes in Designer place

I had a comfortable lunch in Vinnies Deli the other day. The soundtrack was good, the waiter was friendly, and I sat on a lovely old chair at a lovely old table, both for sale. yes that's right, all the furniture in Vinnies Deli can be bought. When I was there they even had a piano for sale, so come quickly! I ate the sandwich with old cheese and herbs and it was just what i needed.

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12 Dec 13

Healing Miracles

Alex is a friendly person.

I got a glimpse of Healing Miracles during the We Unite Event held in Haarlem in november. I got a pranic healing session, and I got to meet Alex te Paske, the man who runs Healing Miracles. I just wanted to say that I find Alex a warm and friendly person, who knows what he is doing. Cheers and keep it up!

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26 Oct 13

Chocolate Club

Nightclub and playground for adults!

I'm an experienced clubber, I can probably say that I have seen it all: wild drum 'n bass and dubstep parties at Melkweg and OT301, Rock 'n Roll nights in the Pacific, minimal techno in Trouw, heck i used to go to wild hardstyle festivals! Name it, i've been there! 

Chocolate Club was, again, something new! Because everybody is so clean (there's no alcohol at the CC), the vibe is totally different. Where during many normal club nights everybody just starts spacing out into his own little world, or starts getting drunk and unaware of what they're doing at all, here at Chocolate Club people just stay decent and friendly and open to each other.

Which doesn't mean that it's not wild! People dance their socks off (the parties are shoeless, by the way), and dance in the weirdest and most free way you can imagine. No one needs to show off on the dancefloor here (although it is allowed ;). Plus, the girls are beautiful ánd cool at Chocolate Club.

Chocolate Club is awesome and I recommend it to everyone who is open-minded and likes to go to clubs.

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11 Nov 13

Edel Wijs

Is there a difference between magic and nature?

I was looking for a good alternative for caffeine. The kick you get from coffee is really nice but can really put you down once the caffeine is out of your system. I’m looking to find something more stable. Through InLivin’ I heard of Edelwijs, a store where you can buy all kinds of magic powders, herbs and foods. I was in the neighborhood and decided to check it out, see if they have something good for me and my friend.

I entered the shop and looked around. The shop’s interior is beautiful, partly because of the artwork in the store and partly because of the product itself. The glass pots and bottles and little bags filled with herbs and powders make me think of the alchemy stores in fantasy video games I used to play. It is the world upside down: this store is for real! Makes me wonder: what’s the difference between magic and nature?

I asked the friendly shop owner for advice about the caffeine case and he patiently explained to me that coffee pressures your kidneys. It gives you a temporary boost of energy but one that drains your reserves making you want more coffee after the first cup has worn off. He recommended me a powder which you pour through a drink that gives you extra energy while not messing with your balance. This I bought, plus a liquid that is supposed to clean the liver. You can buy loads of other different things at Edelwijs.

If you need some herbal support I’d recommend to go to Edelwijs, have a look and ask the people behind the counter if they have something that might help you (they also have an energy drink which was superexpensive but looked as if it could prevent you from having to sleep ever again without any side effects). They were able to tell me an informative story about human body and the effects of the products they have for sale there. In the coming weeks I’ll be trying out the stuff I bought to see if nature’s magic can find its way into my system.

To see the product I bought check out the photo that I uploaded.

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18 Oct 13

Centrum de Roos

Lil' safe haven

I went to the Roos on a rainy Friday night to attend a talk by Zen teacher Brad Warner.

I think de Roos is a beautiful place. It was dark and rain was pouring out of the sky when I went there. On my bicycle, because that's how we roll here in Amsterdam ;). De Roos kind of looked like a safe haven when i arrived: the light from the inside shone through the windows of the building.

Inside I felt comfortabel because the people were all friendly, which is usually the case in places like this. People looking for spiritual depth usually realize that being friendly to others means being friendly to yourself. Plus, a place where people meditate often has a peaceful vibe going on. This was also the cas at de Roos this night.

The room in which the talk took place was a room for courses as well. It looked decent. The talk was interesting although Brad Warner had a cold and didn't seem to be at his most inspired this night. Still, it was an interesting night.

During the break I ordered some tea there. The kitchen looked pretty good, I think you could have a decent lunch there as well although i ordered nothing myself. also, there's a lot of artwork hanging around , well-crafted trippy Buddhist art, and it's all for sale! 

There's a lot of stuff to do: there was a wall full of flyers with meditation teachers, pranic healers and a diverse range of spiritual practitioners. Warner jokingly called this a spiritual supermarket, a term I kind of like: there's so much stuff out there, so many guides on your spiritual path. Sometimes it's a little too much maybe. My advise: find a practice you trust and dive deep!

Conclusion: I think de Roos is a peaceful place where you can engage in a diverse range spiritual practices.

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03 Jul 13

Pizzakamer - De Pijp

Pizzakamer: classy affordable pizza place in Oud-Zuid

On an average Monday or Tuesday night the pizza places and kebab restaurants on and around the Van der Helstplein in de Pijp are all more or less deserted. All but de Pizzakamer, which is packed. Me and my friend have to sit at the bar, because all tables are full. Which is no problem, because at de Pizzakamer it is normal to eat at the bar which is as wide as the usual table. 

It seems that the aesthetics of the restaurant are the main reason that this place is full. This is not your usual pizza delivery place. The Italian-looking cook and his wood-oven look sharp, as does the interior with its white walls, chairs and mind-pleasing esoteric artworks.

We ate the 4 formaggio and the Gamberi di Fiume. I liked the four cheeses pizza, but I didn’t think it was special, or better than your usual. The Gamberi di Fiume me and my friend both liked a lot. It had glasswort and little crayfish on it, which made it taste pretty good.

Because the place was so packed and because the doors were open, and because there were a lot of Oud-Zuid folks needing to discuss their very important lives (including me and my friend ;), our dinner was not a quiet dinner. Maybe in winter, when it gets dark early and the doors are closed, de Pizzakamer will have a more cozy atmosphere. This night it felt more like a bar than like a restaurant.

I think Pizzakamer is a good place to have good pizza in a classy and aesthetically pleasing restaurant. It has the real de Pijp atmosphere, with lots of young urbans talking over good food. Plus, it’s affordable so it is a place you can go to anytime. 7.2!

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03 Jul 13


Must visit for every Amsterdammer

Trouw is one of the places to be when it comes to everything that has to do with a good saturday night. Beautiful location, dinner and a variety of fine club nights. 

Trouw is an old office building of a national newspaper (called Trouw) turned into a restaurant/night club by the guys who used to run a club on the 11th floor of an old building near Amsterdam CS (Club 11). Trouw has kept the rawness of the old interior and combined it with the safety and luxury of a good club and restaurant. When eating at Trouw, I would not bother with the terrace next to the noisy Wibautstraat, but I would recommend sitting inside and enjoying the rawness of the interior.

The dinner menu is tuned to sharing with your fellow tablemates. Last time I went here to eat I was with a group of rather conservative eaters, and they were not all prepared for the tapas-like menu, which encourages you to stick your fork on other people's plates. The food tasted good though, and personally I did not have a problem at all with sharing my plate. Plus, the waiters were very friendly.

I like the Trouw restaurant, but I like its club more. The club nights are usually something special, especially when you are into house or techno. Trouw is perhaps the most highly acclaimed club in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands, also internationally. So go clubbing there for something special.

My opinion: Trouw is booming and hip. If you like that, go there!

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