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10 Mar 14

Il Sogno - The Italian Concept Store

A tasty escape just off the Nieuwmarkt square!

I Frequently go there with my daughter who is in love with Ice cream while I enjoy one of their delicious capuccinos.I love the atmosphere, with its mix of Italian delicatesses, Art, beautiful bags and the Pizza oven at the entrance. The  staff is very welcoming and in summer time its lovely sitting outside escaping the bussieness of the Nieuwmarkt square. 


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16 Nov 13

Hot Flow Yoga

Hot and flowing

Last week I experienced Hot Yoga for the first time, I had asked a few people before to know approximately what I could expect so I was prepared to Sweat :)

When I entered the studio I already felt the temperature much higher then outside of course and I was invited to take of my shoes as I entered. I changed and had a chat with the ladies from Lululemoon who were present with some professional Yoga clothing as this was a special event at Hot Flow Yoga " Dance your Asana of".

The class started and gradually increased intensity. Mercedes the instructor mentioned that today the music is slightly different then usual and we listened to Metallica, Guns N' Roses and more, which was a really nice experience to. I couldn't remember wen I had sweat as much last and it definitely felt cleansing.

At the end of the class we could take a shower and a cocktail Bar was set up to keep on dancing your asana off. I left after the shower as I had a early morning the next day.

It was a great experience, Mercedes is a great instructor with lots of energy and also a clear voice, definitely recommend her Studio and classes!

Next morning I woke up and was surprised how little muscle pain I had, this though changed in the evening that day, I really felt all muscles in my body aching just as its suppose to be after such a sessioon!


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07 Nov 13


Great for Kids but only for on rainy days

I have been 2 times with my daughter at Tun Fun, she adores it and its definitely FUN for kids. For me it doesn't feel as FUN as its noisy, not that clean & has little comfort available for parents. Perhaps the Cafe could also focus on some more healthier choices in their menu. Its definitely a good alternative for rainy days in Amsterdam!

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21 Oct 13

Vitamin Advice Shop

The Probiotic which saved my daughter from terrible belly pain

When my daugher was just born, already 4 1/2 years ago she had terrible pain and gas in her belly. After sleepless nights and lots of 3am dancing in the kitchen to try and ease her pain I finally got LIFE START recomended which was available at the Vitamin Advice Shop. The staff was really helpfull and after a few days of using LIFE START my daughters pain was completely gone and we could finally start having a better sleeping pattern. I have recomended it to many over the past few years.

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11 Oct 13

PH Haarstudio

Professional with a personal touch and great results

Tim is very skilled & professional and gives his work a personal touch. His studio in one of the oldest parts of town is welcoming and a place where you can step out of busy life and relax while your hair is taken care of. Its easy to reach by bike, about 5 minutes walk from central station or max 2 minute walk from the nieuwmarkt metro stop.

Specially loved the head massage while laying on a concaved shaped bed, superior relaxation! 

This was my first experience with a eco friendly hair studio, I highly recommend it!


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