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I can place here anythging I want this should be santitized. click here if you dare


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06 Jun 14

De Snelbinder

Nice cozy little store that really helps

They have helped me fix my bike many times. Always helpful.

This people really take the time to help and advise you.

Too bad if you are not the first in line, and you are in a hurry, but even then you wont be bored.

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14 Oct 13

Jaap Edenbaan

Love to go here with my kids

Skating is just a really good thing to do with teenager kids. Here you'll (and they) will find anything to have an afternoon off fun

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21 Oct 13


Indeed good place for Kid- presents

Indeed, this place helped me out more than once to get a 100% satisfaction guesrantee present for the kidoo of these days. Find there the coolest cap or hood for under 20 bucks.

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03 Jul 13

Pure Belly

Great thing to do!

Did not goi there myself, but my grirlfriend did.

She was abasolutely positive about the sessions and wants todo this more.

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