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14 Dec 13

De Bolhoed

Carrot cake was great

I always meant to come here in the summer but never found myself in the area. I was meeting a friend at the Noordermakt and wanted to check this place out finally. There were a few people sitting by the window and the woman behind the bar was talking to them. I asked them what they recommended for my sweet tooth and they pointed to the cakes in the vitrine. Carrot was moist and spiced well. Washed down with a fresh juice and was on my way. Next time I will try one of their savoury dishes.

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19 Mar 14

Wild Moa Pies

18 Mar 14

Go ! Greenbar

27 Oct 13

Cafe Batavia

Been going here for years

A few years back it was remodelled and the new owners made it a fantastic cafe to hang out in. much of the menu is standard pub fare but everything is made with fresh ingredients and seasonal products. They have great meat pies. The prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. Funny enough, i never knew of their chess tournament until I saw it on the events calender on this website

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12 Jan 14

Rishis Club for Free Souls

More than we thought!

Had some mates from London in town and we decided to go by the Vondel church party after a dinner in the Leidseplein. tThe music was really nice and it was not too crowded. There was some massage in the back but we mainly hung out by the bar. The vibe was good. I would return and so would my friends who were not expecting a big night out.

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15 Sep 13

Opera Prima

Was not expecting this.

Surprised how big the variety on offer was. I had a type of fish caserole which was vert tasty and filling, and then to top it off alarge piece of strawberry cheescake pie. Everything was fresh and prepared with care. I like this place and I will be back for more of the homemade sweets.

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23 Aug 13

The Taco Shop

I had many delicious lunches there.

THis place was known to me for awhile now but since I no longer live near the Amstel, I stopped going. Seeing it here, I was reminded of it again. The guys that worked there were always friendly, i think they were American.... but not Mexican for sure! lol The food was always served fresh and HOT. Big burittos with loads of veg, beans and cheese. Also liked the chicken tacos and nachos. I shall certainly be heading over there again.

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21 Oct 13


Beenie for my colleagues kid went over big

Walking down the Haarlemmerstraat to an old coworkers house for her 6 year old's birthday party, desperately searching for a quick gift, and I remembered this place from the book. Walked in, helped by a nice lady who showed me all different types of trendy clothes for wee ones. Some of those things were more expensive than items from my own sports wardrobe! There was a rack of hats and beenies for little skaters, of which i chose a nice one. My friend's daughter fell in love with the little pink/black beenie and she wore it all day and evening before bed even though it was one of the hotter days of July! lol

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21 Oct 13

Tromm Tweewielers

Walked home from bos in rain. :(

I was riding out in the amsterdamse bos early this summer and had a soemthing go wrong with my shifter that made the chain lock in place and the wheel not move. :( I had to walk a longgggg way holding that thing as the rain started coming in buckets. I spotted Tromm on my way back into town and even though they were closing, the nice guy offered to take a quick look. Don't know what he did, but within a few minutes, he had that thing rolling again and refused to charge me! Needless to say, I will be back there for scheduled maintenance. :)

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03 Jul 13

Rogh's Deli

Rogh's is DELCIOUS!

I was so very happy to finally wlak in her on your recommendations. I pass it with the tram to work a few years back on a daily basis but never considered it. I was showing a friend around town and we tried the philly cheese sandwiches... huge and filled with tender steak. i was drooling as it was cooked up. I will return to try other things on this menu for sure.

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03 Jul 13

Sane Food

Finally a good salad bar in town.

Tried this place last week. Great choices on offer and everything was fresh and well priced. I ate a prosciutto ham salad and an energy fruit smoothy. A bit far from my house but I will try to make it there again the next time I am up by the Harlemerstraat.

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10 Oct 13

The Movement Practice

19 Aug 13

David Lloyd Sports & Healthclubs

Trimming the fat

It's hard to find time to workout lately but this place is right in my neighbourhood and their swimming pool is great. I havent been hittitng the weights or the cross trainers as much as I would like to but they sure look good from the jacuzzi! ;)

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