Martial Arts - Much More Than Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Movies

Martial arts as the name implies, differentiates between what is considered fight sport and fighting arts. The term is derived from Mars, the Roman god of war; so you know that anything that falls under this category is gonna be serious!
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How To Find A Good Dojo - Martial Arts Schools In Amsterdam

Anyone who has seen the Karate Kid probably remembers the bad guy yelling "weakness will not be tolerated in MY dojo!" But how do you find a good dojo or martial arts school in Amsterdam?
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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn A Martial Art

Why You Should Learn a Martial Art? If you have been considering taking a martial art but you were uncertain, then maybe you should read this:
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Liu He Men Kung Fu Open Day - Learn Kung Fu In Amsterdam!

The Open Day was jam-packed with amazing Kung Fu demonstrations, concentrated learning and a great atmosphere. This is a great place to learn Kung Fu in...
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What Is Aikido?

As part of our introduction to martial arts, we will be introducing a new style every month. You may have heard of Aikido, but do you know why it is special or...
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