Does InLivin' accept money for reviews?

NO. We accept money for advertising, but our reviews are completely independent. In most cases they are sent in by reviewers, other times by moderators and the occasional secret mystery shopper. <>


What criteria do we apply to products and services that we feature?

As a "guide" we strive to offer the best advice and give the most options to a very wide audience. This is not an easy thing to do with so many varied opinions and needs represented by our readers.

Every business we work with must be special or leading the pack in some way. See this page for more details on our criteria.



  • InLivin’ - The Good Life Guide to Amsterdam.
  • An A5 full-colour, glossy cover, coffee table book. Written with a humorous and light-reading style to publicize all the best services and products that Amsterdam has to offer.
  • A free guide, with a circulation of 50,000 to 75,000 copies in the Introduction issue.
  • Featuring full size advertisements and artwork, as well as comprehensive listings (Indexes); one for each of the 12 InLivin’ sections:

1. Fitness & Sports
2. Martial Arts
3. Spiritual Arts
4. Healing Practices
5. Healthy Retreats
6. Special Markets
7. Food & Drink
8. Health Food Stores
9. Good Life Gear
10. Sustainable InLivin’
11. Education
12. Events


  • A map-based guide that helps people find what is in their area and encourages them to explore products and services in their own backyard.
  • Filled with funny quotations, illustrations and our own line of cartoons that relate to the topics within the book.
  • A book printed on recycled paper, using zero-emission printers because InLivin’ believes that using such expensive paper is better for our environment than printing millions of flyers.
  • InLivin’s first issue will be printed in English; the following editions may be in Dutch or in Dutch + English, depending on public demand.
  • www.InLivin.com website listing all its advertisers contact details; events and special offers. A customer-based review site is currently under development.
  • A network of people joined by the same interests, connecting through InLivin’ social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


  • The first issue of the InLivin' book was released in August 2012 for a shortened timeframe of 3 months.
  • The InLivin’ book is issued for a full calendar year, every May.


  • Amsterdam
  • Haarlem (2014)
  • Den Haag (2014)
  • Rotterdam (2014)
  • San Francisco, Sydney and Barcelona coing soon.
  • Advertisors, buurt centra’s, shops, gemeente’s, schools, rehabilitation centers, sport centers, expat centers etc.  


  • InLivin’ is published by Dam I.T., a publishing company that has been making guide books to Amsterdam since 1997.
  • An experienced team of people who would love to invest their energy in working on an interesting and important topic, and helping guide people to find the best for themselves, in their own city.
  • A group of people with multiple skills and specific interests, both Dutch nationals as well as expats from around the world.


  • Because we have learned that many “gems” are easily missed.
  • Because many people do not know how to be found, or cannot afford to place large adverts in local media, with no guarantee of success.
  • Because we realize that the majorities of businesses specialize in their “line of business”, and often know little about marketing / sales or branding. Some businesses remain anonymous, even though we pass by them on a daily basis. InLivin’ wants to help them shine.
  • Because flyers are the most popular (and till now) and most affordable way of marketing for a small business, yet are still relatively expensive, ineffective and bad for the environment.
  • Because there is so much “good” stuff out there, but it needs to be organized and offered to people in the best, most attractive and mainstream way. The InLivin’ way.
  • Because many people do not even realize what is “out there”, or are confused as to what certain businesses have to offer.
  • Because the only similar guides on the market are too alternative, poorly made, or simply too expensive.


  • InLivin’ guides will be distributed directly to its advertisers in an amount that is proportionate to the presence they have in the book.
  • Our website, www.InLivin.com features the latest additions and updated topics, news and exciting break-through’s in the industry.
  • InLivin’ will be doing its best to make the best choices for our environment when printing and running the website. All of our suppliers and producers are eco-friendly and have low or zero-emission certificates. From using recycled paper to sending invoices by email we will aim for the lowest impact options.
  • Along the way, we will be giving smart and funny tips about reducing carbon footprints.
  • It is our goal to become the leading source of information and a top social hub for everyone interested in a “Good Life”.

We are dedicated: InLivin’ – The Good Life Guide will become a recognized and respected global brand name over the next decade!