Keep Fit - Sports Clubs, Gyms, Pools, Rinks, Tennis Clubs and Country Clubs in Amsterdam

Like most major cities, Amsterdam offers its fair share of ways to get exercise in a "club form". With over 100* sports clubs, gyms, pools, rinks, tennis clubs, country clubs and more to choose from, everyone should find something that appeals to...
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What Makes A Good Gym? Things To Consider When Joining A Gym

You can't miss the many advertisements for gyms and fitness centres found everywhere. But what makes a good gym and what should you look for when joining a gym. Some gyms are considered to be "high-end" with the latest equipment, sparkling...
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Verenigingen? Sports Clubs, Unions, Societies & Associations in Amsterdam

Yes, verenigingen is quite a mouthful, even for the Dutch! But don't let the long word throw you off, these fitness and sports clubs, unions, societies and associations offer some of the best things to do around the city of Amsterdam.
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Amsterdams Best Health and Sports Club

David Lloyd is our currently featured Health and Sports Club and might be Amsterdams Best Health and Sports Club. Take a look at their great services to see...
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Hollands Horses - Horse Riding Schools in Amsterdam

Horse Riding School in Amsterdam - How many of you have been walking down (or stuck in traffic on) the Overtoom and suddenly caught a HUGE nose full of fresh...
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