What Is Pranic Healing?

When most people think of healing without using medicine or physical intervention (like using a cast to set a bone), it seems far fetched and hard to believe...

There is so much unknown about the powers of energy, namely ch'i, or prana.

 What Is Prana?

"Prana" means life force in Sanskrit. Very similar to reiki, it relies on the practitioner's ability to concentrate chi (qi), which is a form of invisible energy or life force that permeates space and surrounds us. 


When learning more about pranic healing, many people are quite surprised to discover the science based approach that was taken by the founder, Master Choa Kok Sui. His studies on the effect of prana used empirical data to support his theory. In this way, pranic healing is more mainstream than some of the other alternative healing practices.

Pranic healers accept the validity of "western medicine" and advocate the use of a balanced combination of approaches to get positive results.


Pranic healing is primarily used on humans but not always.  It can be used for healing relationships, businesses, pets and even plants! It is incredible when you consider the possibilities.


Basic Workshop Pranic Healing

Learn about prana, auras, chakras and how they are used to heal. Develop basic breathing and meditation techniques.

Advance Your Study. This 2-day course focuses on becoming more efficient and treating more difficult situations. Using unique methods for better immunity, healing wounds, burns & purifying blood.


More Pranic Studies

• Pranic Psychology

• Pranic Crystal Healing

• Pranic Psychic Self-Defense

• Superbrain Yoga and more!

If you would like to learn more about pranic healing or to try a workshop, contact Healing Miracles or Pranic Healing Nederland.