Personal Training And Development - 1 On 1 Learning From Specialists

Tailor-made training, individualized curriculum and personal development are just a few of the benefits of being taught privately or in a small class.

If you think you can only get an education at a school or university, think again. It is pretty clear that you are more likely to learn when you do it in a small group, and when you have genuine interest in the topic.

A great way of learning is during a one-on-one session with a specialist, who will be able to first learn about your personal situation and level of knowledge, to later help educate you so you can achieve your goals. Filled with information about your personal situation, they will be able to teach you how to adjust or correct it.

Personal Training and Nutritional Advice

Whether you need to improve your level of fitness or lose weight, there are many specialists who will create a custom workout or diet plan to suit your needs and help you stay motivated. Changing your lifestyle and improving your health can be very educating. Many gyms and health clubs offer both personal trainers and nutritionists, who will be able to use the establishment’s resources and equipment.

We advise that you get in touch with one of the InLivin’ partners to educate yourself: Prowellness, YourHealthCoach and Praktijk Ijburg offer one on one personal training and nutritional advice; GOH Concept will help you achieve a complete healthy lifestyle.

Sports complaints

If you suffer from complaints caused by a sports injury, you may want to visit your local physiotherapist, or sports injury specialist. Practices like The use special fascia repairing techniques and can also help adjust your bad habits that cause further suffering. They can also teach you how to run correctly to help your body benefit most from your jogging sessions, without causing any further damage to your injured areas.

Special Markets

If you or your partner is expecting a baby, you could probably use the assistance of a midwife or doula. Their help may be essential in preparing for the new family member’s arrival, and they may not only educate you but also provide needed support, before and after the birth. InLivin’ works with doula Catharina Ooijens and breastfeeding specialist Myrte Lonkhuijzen from the Borstvoedingcentrum. They are not only passionate about their jobs, but they will often do house calls, and be more than happy to help you learn about the best ways to bond with your child.

Professional and ID Coaching

Whether you are a leading professional, boss or manager in need of help motivating your employees, or a freshly starting job hunter, there is a wide variety of coaches who can help. If you find it hard to manage your time, or your work-family balance, you could probably use some assistance from someone who has been through it and knows how to advise you.

From establishing your identity and goals, to writing an appropriate CV, a personal coach can be there to help you learn more about yourself and your professional needs. This can be very educating, as you discover things about yourself that you never thought of without the outside perspective. Contact ID Coach Jeanett Visser, CLIPcoaching or OFA Dagindeling to learn more about educating yourself in regards to your professional life.

 Finding yourself, exploring your talents

There are many organizations (often non-profit), that offer advice and coaching to help young people find their way in life. Some like Future Urban Professionals, will use successful professionals to mentor struggling youngsters and help less fortunate kids realize that they can achieve their life goals by using positive role models! Others, like will help kids with some already developed talents to find their way and develop their future careers. These organizations often welcome volunteers, role models and sponsors.

Either way, no matter how old you are, or what your goals are, you can always find specialists to help you educate yourself.