Plastic Recycling Points List - Recycling In Amsterdam

With more and more plastic materials being used for the products we consume on a daily basis, it has become essential for us all to take the responsible steps to recycle every bit we can. That said, until recently, the city of Amsterdam hasn't made that process very easy! So if you've been wondering where all the plastic recycling points and containers are, see below.

Plastic Recycling containers in Amsterdam are generally separated from the other types of recyclables. Here is a list of locations where you will come across them:


Stadsdeel West


De Baarsjes
Underground containers:

  1. Bestevaerstraat corner of Jan van Galenstraat
  2. Willem de Zwijgerlaan corner of Van Bergenstraat


Orange containers:

  1. Haarlemmerweg 279
  2. Spaarndammerstraat, near Domela Nieuwenhuisplantsoen
  3. Van Hallstraat by number 41
  4. Van Hogendorpstraat 202 (stadsdeelwerf)
  5. Van Hogendorpstraat 767
  6. Van Limburg Stirumplein
  7. Waterpoortweg 237


Stadsdeel Centrum

Self-standing GREY containers. These are mainly placed behind large supermarkets, and are often overfilled. Clearly, Amsterdammers WANT to recycle their plastics ;)


The majority of these first plastic recycling containers have found homes by shops like Albert Heijn. Considering that we find them guilty of delivering the most plastic-wrapped produce, they must have a deal with the city to start the recycling process as they unload their trucks.



  1. Haarlemmerstraat
  2. Jodenbreestraat
  3. Nieuwmarkt
  4. Sarphatistraat (2x)
  5. Vijzelstraat
  6. Westerstraat
  7. Kleine Wittenburgerstraat



Above image shows the newest plastic recycling bins on corner of Westermarkt and Keizersgracht. More modern, visible, and still clean...


Stadsdeel Oost 

17 locations, both underground, and above ground orange containers: 

  1. Azartplein
  2. Beukenplein
  3. C. van Eesterenlaan, hoek Rietlandterras
  4. Celebesstraat, between Madurastraat en Javastraat
  5. Iepenplein
  6. IJburglaan, corner of Johan van der Keukenstraat
  7. IJburglaan, corner of Daguerrestraat
  8. Javaplein
  9. Lloydplein
  10. 1e Oosterparkstraat, corner of Oetgensdwarsstraat
  11. Molukkenstraat, corner of 1e Atjehstraat
  12. Molukkenstraat, corner of Tidorestraat
  13. Pampuslaan, corner of Frans Zieglerstraat
  14. Sumatrastraat, between Javastraat and Balistraat
  15. 1e van Swindenstraat
  16. Van Marumstraat, corner of Helmholtzstraat
  17. Veemkade, corner of C. van Eesterenlaan


Stadsdeel Nieuw West

Above ground orange containers:

  1. Hageland 115
  2. Van Ollefenstraat 112
  3. Overschiestraat 27
  4. Marius Bauerstraat hoek Jan Tooropstraat



Good luck finding these containers. Some people just want to abuse them, so you may have to look closely to recognize them!


Afvalpunten [collection points]

Apart from delivering your plastic waste into the above listed locations, you can also drop them off at the following collection points:

  1. Cruquiusweg 90
  2. Henk Sneevlietweg 22
  3. Meerkerkdreef 31
  4. Papaverweg 33
  5. Rozenburglaan 1
  6. Seineweg 1


Oostelijke eilanden in het Centrum [East islands in Amsterdam city center]

You can collect your plastic waste into special plastic collection bags available from Plastic Heroes, and set them outside before 9am to be collected by the city. Please have in mind that these bags, even if filled, are usually really light and may get blown around in the wind!

Although this list seems long, it really must be four times this size to adequately handle a city the size of Amsterdam. Luckily, new orange containers seem to be springing out like mushrooms after rain lately! It seems that Amsterdam has seriously adapted plastic recycling, and our lives will now be easier...Check back for updates on new address, or feel free to let us know about new containers in your area, in the comment box below. For more info, see Plastic Recycling Against All Odds.