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March Against Monsanto, Dam Square, 12 October 2013

Saturday 12 October 2013

Dam Square


12 October 2013 is the day of global protests against Monsanto, a huge corporation that is taking over our food, worldwide!

If you do not want a single company to have the rights to own seeds, and to tell all farmers what and how to grow, speak up!

Please note that this is not just a march like last year, but a great event where you will also be able to learn about positive alternatives to GMO foods. 


Come to the Dam Square on 12 October 2013 from 14 to 17h.


What to bring with you?

- bring some organic snack, for yourself, or some to share with others

- grab a little chair or table and table cloth if possible. Let's make this a protest, picnic style ;-)

- enjoy the atmosphere and activities organized at Dam Square

What to expect?

- there will be a huge tent, in case of rain (it is Amsterdam after all). Just in case, bring an umbrella, don't let the rain discourage you!

- you will find many flyers about GMO products and info about positive alternatives. We suggest that you take photos of these flyers and share them via social media. (InLivin' is generally opposed to flyers, as they polute our environment)

- partake in meditation and visit the homemade garden at the Dam Square

- enjoy the efforts of musicians playing for us all day

- let your kids have fun with activities organized especially for them

- stay long enough for the theatrical cleaning show. People dressed in ball gowns (and more costumes) will make sure to leave the Dam Square clean! This should be a treat for the little one to see...

- sign the petition to make Amsterdam a "gentechvrije" zone...

During this manifestation, organized by "MAMA weet wat je eet", several speakers will make an appearance. They will discuss the negative influences of large agricultural conglomerations (like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, BASF, Dow en Syngenta) and also share some positive examples of companies promoting sustainable and honest alternatives.  


This manifest also has a concrete goal, apart from showing support for clean food. On 6-7 November 2013, the city council [gemeenteraad] will be voting on a proposal to make Amsterdam a "gentechvrije" zone [a zone with no genetic technology]. Amsterdam needs your support here, so make sure to leave some personal comments in a special book that will be presented to the city council. 

You can already start, by signing this petition.


To sign up for this event via Facebook, and share with your friends, JOIN HERE!


For some photos from last year's demonstration, click on the slideshow above.


Make sure to take some cool photos and videos during this year's March Against Monsanto! Send them in to us via email or Facebook! The authors of the best ones can win some cool products or services from InLivin' partners....



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