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Leren saai? Misschien… maar sommigen doen het voor hun plezier!
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Partners From Different Countries

After writing about long-distant relationships and migrant couples, I dedicate this chapter of the Expat Couples series to mixed couples, where the two partners do not come from the same country.
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Ubuntu, the philosophy of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela, a man who cannot simply be described by words. December 5th was the day that he left this earthly world at the honorable age of 95. The world lost a great personality that day. A man who taught us how powerful a mind can be and what...
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March Against Monsanto Cropworld Global Amsterdam RAI 30 October 2013

Following the 12 October 2013 \'Eet Wat Je Weet\' day by MAMA on Dam square came the proper Amsterdam March Against Monsanto: a protest against Monsanto and...
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Feed your Brain with Workshops!

You can always spend your free time and money by going to the movies or to hang out with your friends at a cafe. Or, you can sign up for one of many workshops...
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