Learn Dutch Part 1 - Learning Another Language as a Spiritual Adventure

Most people who come and live in the Netherlands know one thing for sure: a new country means a new language. Certainly in the beginning most people have big dreams and they are very excited about speaking Dutch. But then, often sooner than later,...
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Beyond Culture Shock

Moving to a foreign country has an emotional impact which can be more or less strong according to our own way of reacting to it. Some people are immediately enthusiastic about the country they moved to and adapt to it smoothly. Others, after a...
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7 Steps to Design Your Meaningful Career

If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands it is important to develop skills to find it. The unemployment rate in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2014 was of 7.4, according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics. It is not a high...
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Ubuntu, the philosophy of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela, a man who cannot simply be described by words. December 5th was the day that he left this earthly world at the honorable age of 95. The world...
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March Against Monsanto Cropworld Global Amsterdam RAI 30 October 2013

Following the 12 October 2013 \'Eet Wat Je Weet\' day by MAMA on Dam square came the proper Amsterdam March Against Monsanto: a protest against Monsanto and...
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