Where to start

Feel free to use this guide to seek out further information about any things you find interesting. This book won’t give you all the answers but it will help you find your way through thousands of services, practices and products available by pointing you in the right direction ...

Aside from introducing you to the topics we write about, you will find many adverts and index listings throughout this website. Some of these sponsors have paid a fee to be listed with us, others have not. All must meet the basic set of requirements we have set as standard. (Registered and licensed, chamber of commerce, reputable track-record, etc.) See InLivin' Standards for more details on our screening process.

We do our best to quality control everyone through use of “mystery shoppers” and of course from feedback given by you, our readers. Even with our controls in place, we can’t always predict the changes in quality or shortcomings of every sponsor.


PLEASE let us know if a service or product listed here fails you in any way by emailing us at [email protected]


InLivin' makes use of a number and map system. The 12 sections are divided into colors with an index listing of all participants at the end of each section.


Most adverts and index listings have a numbered ball attached to them. Use the number to find the location on the map. You will soon notice there are heaps of great places all around you; have fun exploring!



  • To find places to visit, people to talk to, products to try and services to use.
  • To learn about new treatments and disciplines.
  • As a motivator, to get you up and out.
  • As a coffee table book; leave it out for easy reference.


In place of personally tailored advice from doctors or health workers. ALWAYS ask a qualified trainer and/or your doctor before you begin a new exercise regime, spiritual art or healing practice.