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All About InLivin’

Being healthy has become more than a simple trend these days; for many it has become a lifestyle. With so many choices out there, it can be tough to know what to spend your money and time on in your pursuit for happiness and sense of well-being.

We wanted to explore the best new techniques, treatments, science breakthroughs, training programs and places to “fill your tanks” that the great city of Amsterdam has to offer: Welcome to InLivin’®The Good Life Guide; a collection of tips and sponsors designed to help you achieve “The Good Life”.

In a large city with many small nooks and “holes in the wall”, it is very difficult to know where “Good Life” services, treatments, facilities and supplements/edibles are offered. As we looked around, we realised how great it would be to have a collection of every genre of health, sport, and fitness listed side by side. And so it began… and a year later the collection had grown to the point that a book was needed to organise all of the data we accumulated. To make it easier on you to choose the right things for you, we have included brief summaries of what you can expect, occasional personal reviews and plenty of contact details and maps to help you get started! This book includes reviews of Amsterdam’s:






















InLivin' Green 

It is very difficult to run a business (or live a life) that is always earth-friendly. After all, our presence on this planet will always be felt, no matter what we do to minimize our affect on our surroundings.

InLivin Green Practices


At InLivin' we practice what we preach. So we set up a policy to follow toward becoming the most carbon-neutral, low-impact, free trade and environmentally friendly oraganization we can be.

The InLivin' Way is our attempt to make the most responsible choices whenever possible. Aside from what you see above, we also aim to become the best we can be in the fields of:

- Printing / Merchandising
- Transportation / Shipping
- Energy Use / Carbon Neutral Policies
- Events
- Banking / Administration / Accounting
- Investments
- Marketing
- Recycling / Waste Reduction
- Office Supplies
- Catering / Eating
- Multilateral Philanthropy 

Our goals are both corporate and personal convictions.

The Staff

InLivin' works with many great professionals who are passionate about their trade or interest. We work with people from around the world, with backgrounds including nutrition, fitness, sustainability, farming, sports, leisure, medicine, law, education and much more.

The nice thing about having such a diverse crew is that we learn unique perspectives from each other and we hope that translates to the topics we cover and the articles we write.


A Silly Question


It's your first hour into an all day hike through the forest, when you come to a split in the path. Both routes will get you home safely according to your guide. To your left is a rocky dirt path that heads upward, winding and disappearing into the hills above. To your right is a straight and paved road that gradually slopes downward into what appears to be a sheltered valley. Which do YOU choose?

When confronted with this dilemma, most people choose the 'easier' path, the paved road every single time. It is nothing to be ashamed of; after all, life is hard enough!

Even so, occasionally you need to challenge yourself. The few who choose the more labor-intensive path up into the hills will often find themselves in a wonderful place that few have dared to tread. A special place of beauty, excitement, discovery, learning, satisfaction and accomplishment.

Upon reaching the summit and looking down around the valley a person feels more alive. Afterward, the trip back down has new meaning.


As you stand in the calm and warm valley and look up, you feel great in knowing you have experienced the best of both worlds. It enriches the soul.


There are 12 paths to the Good Life and we believe everyone can find at least one that is appealing, rewarding and fun!