Learn Dutch Part 3 - Learning Another Language as a Spiritual Adventure

The Awakening

Luckily, there is also a beautiful thing… It is that beginning of a whole new spiritual adventure, and you could even call it an awakening if you like. What if you realized that you are already perfect by not looking perfect! Wow! That is one whole outrageous thought, don’t you think?


Learn Dutch: Make Mistakes

Still, here is the ‘spiritual secret’ for great Dutch language success. The key here is that you allow yourself completely to make all the mistakes in the world. Not one or two, but at least 65.000. Also in the presence of others. Don’t you think that it could feel liberating?


Be Yourself

Here is the strange paradox. We often believe that other people like us more if they cannot find fault in us. But what if the opposite is true? Once again, pretending that you always do the right thing is a lot of work, and if you do it, then also other people feel the compulsive need to do it. But… once you are perfectly ok with the fact that you do stupid things, then this will also give more freedom to others. It literally creates more space where people can just be themselves and then all of a sudden everything becomes lighter.


Learn Dutch: Be Friendly to Yourself

The real challenge of Dutch is therefore above all the willingness to go on a spiritual adventure. Do you have the courage to seem imperfect and to even welcome making mistakes? Could you already accept yourself despite of the results that you have for learning and speaking Dutch?  In the end, the thing that really makes the difference is that you can be friendly to yourself.
Just check it for yourself…What do most people do if they feel that they are not successful? They simply beat themselves up and they also start to strongly dislike what they were trying to learn in the first place. What if you could only show appreciation to yourself and anything that happens in the learning process?

If you can truly welcome making mistakes and not seeming perfect, then everything will change. What if you knew that you don’t need mastery of Dutch to show how capable you are? What if you could play with it, have fun with it, make mistakes and laugh your head off? One thing is certain… your ability to speak Dutch will sky rocket! Once you realize that one of the biggest challenges is accepting that its a spiritual adventure, things will only get better!


Learn Dutch: Go Ahead! Act a Fool!

Therefore, make mistakes and act foolish. It is a very wise thing to do! Sure… you might feel like the black sheep now and then, but you may also come across as cheerful and adorable, and actually LEARN TO SPEAK DUTCH! Now isn't that the point in the first place?

Albert Both (also known as Mr. Dutch Brainwash) started 11 years ago with a bike and a laptop. While working with many people, he discovered why most people learn too slowly. He developed ways to speed up the learning process, to help his students speak Dutch with ease. Right now Albert has a special office at Keizersgracht where he runs a very powerful program the Dutch Brainwash that brings you to a whole new level within only 7 days. Albert also shares this revolutionary method with free ebooks and workshops. Visit Talencoach to learn more and visit his website to download a FREE eBook Why You Hate Learning Dutch & 7 Secrets To Change It.

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