Learn Dutch Part 2 - Learning Another Language as A Spiritual Adventure

The Fear of Making Mistakes

But then…even if you know how get more clarity for yourself, there is a second ‘invisible’ enemy that can ruin all of your dreams.  It is the fear of making mistakes or the fear of being misunderstood. Sure…you may think that this is not relevant for you…But, if you look at it again, you may come to another conclusion.

Be aware of this nasty mental program that ruins everything.



One obsession that most people seem to ‘cherish’ in life is the constant need of being perfect. Or at least, looking perfect. On an unconscious level, 99% of all human beings love to believe that as long as you do not make any mistakes then everything will be perfect. You will be safe. Make a mistake and people might get upset and maybe they will not like you anymore. Therefore, it seems to be a great strategy that as long as you please everybody by seeming perfect and adequate then no one will take offense.


Play Smart

This program of trying to please everyone by not looking stupid is a very powerful program  and has often been reinforced year after year. Let’s look at school for example. You do not really get recognition if you do something right. But, make a mistake and you will immediately  get a lower score. Make too many mistakes and you will not pass your exam. Before you know it you could end up as a failure!

That stupid thing that really drains all of your energy


Keeping Up Appearances is Tiring!

Then for most people, when they are in a career, then the same mental program is still operating. It seems to be a day job by itself to keep the appearance to your boss, your colleagues or your customers that you are capable, intelligent and perfect (or at least close to perfect). Therefore every person  has an ideal picture of him or herself  that you  try to project all the time on people around you. Quite often it seems to work and it does give a sense of security. There is only one problem… it is also extremely trying!
Now here comes the bitchy thing… what happens with your ideal image if you try to speak a new language? You already guessed it… you will make many mistakes and exactly not being perfect can feel like something that is even life threatening. Aren’t we worried all day about the opinions of others and don’t most people feel that somehow they have to protect their job?
Now it is time for feeling relaxed!


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