Learn Dutch Part 1 - Learning Another Language as a Spiritual Adventure

Most people who come and live in the Netherlands know one thing for sure: a new country means a new language. Certainly in the beginning most people have big dreams and they are very excited about speaking Dutch. But then, often sooner than later, disappointment comes in.

Learning slows down and often there is not so much speaking. So what is that thing then that ruins so many great things? It is not what you may think… Once you can see it, you can turn it around. And then, all of a sudden things will change for the better. It even feels liberating…


The Spiritual Adventure

Ask people why they are not happy about the Dutch that they speak, and most of the time, they will all give more or less the same answers. I don’t study enough, or not enough practice. One popular reason is always lack of time of course, and then there are many other popular reasons too… Grammar is too difficult or memorizing new words is hard. Although all of this makes sense, often there is one other reason that many people are not aware of. The real challenge has nothing to do with vocabulary or grammar. It has to do with your willingness to start a new spiritual adventure!

The biggest obstacle is not grammar or vocabulary. It is a spiritual challenge!


The Bad Feeling

What is the first reason that most people stop? The answer is simple. It is a feeling. As long as you feel good then probably you will like learning Dutch and maybe you even believe that it is fun. Chances are high that you have some good results. But… once you feel bad about it, even for one second, then everything changes. Learning slows down and before you know it, you lose enthusiasm and even give up!


The Lack of Clarity

Yes, speaking a new language can fill you with joy and you may be thrilled about the fact that you expand your horizons. But… before you can enjoy this dream, you have to learn the language it first. Unfortunately, learning something new often comes with negative feelings. One nasty thing that can make you feel down is a lack of clarity. You simply don’t understand what you need to do, because nothing seems to make sense. If this lack of clarity lasts too long, then you will notice some kind of stress within you. Most people sense a feeling of inadequacy, which is not really enjoyable then…


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Albert Both (also known as Mr. Dutch Brainwash) started 11 years ago with a bike and a laptop. While working with many people, he discovered why most people learn too slowly. He developed ways to speed up the learning process, to help his students speak Dutch with ease. Right now Albert has a special office at Keizersgracht where he runs a very powerful program the Dutch Brainwash that brings you to a whole new level within only 7 days. Albert also shares this revolutionary method with free ebooks and workshops. Visit Talencoach to learn more and visit his website to download a FREE eBook Why You Hate Learning Dutch & 7 Secrets To Change It.