Healing Practices and Common Sense

An often heard critique on alternative healing practices is that their effects aren't scientifically proven. Studies into these practices have been inadequate up to now, but there are many personal testimonials and claims by practitioners that these practices do have benefits. This makes it hard to be able to judge their benefits.

There are lots of alternative practices without scientific approval, but this does not mean that they are all bad. Are you wondering whether a certain practice or a certain healer with no official credit or scientifically proven method will be good for you? We all have a lovely instrument that is better than science and prevents you from blindly believing some kind of guru who performs the ritual of hot air on you… It’s called common sense!

Your common sense, or your gut feeling, is often right about what’s good for you. If there is a certain method or practice which you are curious about, don’t hesitate to try it out if that’s what you like. Just go once or twice, be mindful of what happens during a session, and make a decision based on this experience. If you feel good about it, keep doing it! If it doesn’t, then don’t come back.

This sounds easy but is often forgotten. We all do or don’t do things sometimes because other people tell us so. There’s nothing wrong in trusting others, but sometimes ignoring these voices and listening to yourself can be the right thing to do. Even when in the end something doesn’t turn out, at least you tried it. Trust your inner compass, and don’t be afraid to be wrong; No scientific proof or blind faith can beat that common sense inside of you!