Attention, the basic benefit of all Healing Practices

There’s many Healing Practices out there. Mental or physical, hands, needles or hot stones, all have their own way of curing what ails you. There’s one thing that all quality practitioners have in common though, and that is the ability to give their clients full-on, undivided attention.

One of the things that makes going to a psychologist worth the time is that psychologists are trained in listening to you attentively and without judging. It can be hard sometimes to find someone who actually listens to what you have to say. Friends and family mean well but are often prejudiced (forgive them! It’s hard enough already ;). Psychologists, besides having knowledge and skills that can help wounded minds, often also fill the role of a much needed independent friend to talk to. A few sessions of talking can often be enough to relieve you and put you back on track; just as a talk with a good friend would.

It is similar for the physical healing practices. Massage therapists, Reiki instructors and other touch-based therapists are professionals who know how to alleviate pain or specific ailments. But besides that the good ones are capable of giving a person undivided physical care and attention. Our individualist society can sometimes feel a little cold and impersonal; a lack of genuine and loving attention can break us up from time to time. Getting some physical attention from a professional might just be what is needed, regardless of whether it is meant to heal a specific problem. (and we’re not talking about ‘happy endings’ here ;).

We’re not saying here that you should go to a psychologist every time you’re feeling lonely, or that you should go to a massage therapist when you actually need to be finding stable relationships. We do say that care and attention are powerful things, and the healers of our society often know how to use these.