Spiritual Arts - Spiritually For Health, Healing And Inspiration

Why Should You Explore Spiritual Arts? Aside from making us better people, these practices are great for a number of reasons and can help improve or introduce:


Stress Reduction

All forms of spiritual arts can help your body and mind eliminate stress through physical exercise and/or mental training and purification.


Pain Reduction

"Mind over matter" is an essential part of the spiritual arts. If the mind is trained properly, parts of the body can be controlled to feel less pain and discomfort. Pranic healing also takes advantage of the power of the mind. Twin Hearts meditation can increase a feeling of peace and illumination, which can aid the body's healing process.


Breathing Control

Breathing is something we almost take for granted. But it is not too often that we take time to study our own habits when it comes to "taking a blow." Most of the spiritual arts practices involve controlled breathing. By taking control of this action, which is responsible for us to continue living, we master a small part of our physical essence. Deep, calm breathing affects our heart-rate, blood pressure and consequently, our physical and mental performance. Do You Know How To Breathe?


Cardiovascular Training & Healthy Circulation

It is not unusual to feel the heart improve in strength ability to move the blood and oxygen around the body. This aids in healing and can speed up the metabolism.


Flexibility and Limberness

Yoga, tai chi and qigong all act to stretch and exercise the muscles, joints and tendons. People who start out as stiff as a bread stick may become as bendy as a pretzel!


Muscle Tone & Weight Control

The physicality of many of the spiritual arts require repetitive action that serves to train and tone muscles. Over time, great results can be achieved; you won't look like a body builder but you can become incredibly "tight".


Mental Concentration

Through meditation and the application of philosophy, the mind is able to think more calmly and rationally. Tai chi and qigong promote concentration through memorizing a variety of steps.


General Well-being

One's happiness is a very important factor in life. Most people feel a lot better physically when they are "mentally content". Practicing spiritual arts can encourage and foster good feelings through the release of dopamine.