Ethnic Food in Amsterdam - The Multicultural Capitol

The last 50 years of Dutch culinary history are more a reflection of the Netherlands' relationship with its former colonies, as well as the recent influx of new immigrants. You will find a variety of ethnic foods, and lots of great restaurants with traditional decor.


Most ethnic foods in Amsterdam will be served a bit milder than originally intended, to accomodate the more delicate Dutch pallet. But, most chefs will be happy to spice up any dish to how its served "back home", if you dare to try!


Japanese Food

We don't need to have a big Japanese expat community to enjoy the many Japanese places in town. From lunch bar style and All You Can Eat Buffet to high-end restaurants, Amsterdam's got it all! Sushi or Tepanyaki, everyone loves Japanese food. Not always budget friendly, but generally good for you :) Visit Sushi Day.



There are MANY great Chinese restaurants to be found in and around the Zeedijk / Nieuwmarkt area, as well as some really high quality ones on the Amstelveenseweg. Fan's Kitchen en Dragon.



You can’t miss rijsttafel or “rice table” which is a huge sampling of smaller portions of coconut beef, spicy-soya chicken, curry veggies, garlic fish stews, saté skewers, and much much more. Munch out! Visit Kartika.



Surinam, the Antilles and other Carribean lands draw on a mix of African, Indian and Chinese ingredients for a gorgeous combo of spicy yet delicate flavours. For lunch we recommend sharing sandwiches with different fillings to get a nice intro of the dishes. Visit Lalla Rookh.



The specialty “tavuk sis” is a chicken kebab marinated in strong spices. Pita breads and hummous...Turkish food is spread out through Amsterdam, and offered mainly at smaller snack bar type places. But, there are also a few really high quality, proper Turkish restaurants too! Visit Bazar of Divan.



Argentinian, Ethiopian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Spanish, Thai and much more... You will find it all here in Amsterdam! Check out our index for more details.