The Most Spiritual Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Qigong and More..

In the Asian cultures there is a very popular concept of Qi (Chi), also known as energy. This form of energy is everywhere; it crosses the universe through every inanimate object, cell, atom and of course in our bodies as well.

If you read through this book in detail, you will come across the Spiritual Arts. Here you will find info on the meridians and chakras. In some forms of martial arts this theory is also employed, with the focus on “body energy” or “life energy”. This energy moves through meridians, or paths through the body and in particular organs, like the lungs and kidneys. Through certain movements people can feel how these energy paths actually affect our bodies. We can also learn to stimulate and strengthen these meridians. In eastern cultures and sciences a low energy level is often related to both minor issues like chronic fatigue and major things like cancer. By identifying and stimulating our meridians, it is believed that many sicknesses can be reduced, controlled or avoided entirely.

Meridians will run through the body until they end in pressure points. These areas are often pinpointed in acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology and forms of massage like shiatsu. These very same pressure points can be used to disable or physically damage an opponent.

It is actually possible to knock someone out without ever hitting them! NOW, that is some serious pressure point jedi-master stuff! Extreme masters have been known to be able to actually kill their attackers using these techniques. This deadly martial art is called Kyoshu Jutsu. Through the knowledge of these secrets the practitioners are bound to strict moral code; luckily they use their skills for good and not evil.

A few of the Martial Arts that are related to the use of energy forces in meridians and pressure points include:

Tai Chi  

When most people think of this, they imagine a large class of 80 year olds moving slowly in the morning sun! In fact, this is a bit of a deception; tai chi can be a very effective fighting technique when mastered and able to be used in many situations in a more rapid pace. As we have mentioned earlier, the attention given to energy meridians dictate the precise movements of tai chi.


These practices focus on meditation, breathing techniques and use of tones like gongs and cymbals.

Tao Yin (Do-In)

Focusing on the mastery of chi, this Chinese Shaolin monk system of arm and upper body motions in rhythm with controlled breathing is actually the predecessor of Qigong.


Based on the principle of “chi”, which is the energy flow that permeates the universe. Broken down into a series of moves (some paralleling native animals) that are meant to direct and control the chi, the centre line of the body is given great attention.


After reading about the variety of martial arts on offer, it is advisable to actually go and visit a few of the classes in and around Amsterdam. We have compiled a great index list of places for anyone who is curious. Remember to check with the instructor or dojo to see if you can watch a lesson... don’t be shy!