Why Is Yoga Good For You?

Professional yoga studios have been appearing more frequently all around the world; sports clubs have been adding various types of yoga to their most basic group classes, and more often you can see people practicing yoga outdoors, in parks and on beaches. Why? What makes yoga so special, and how has it become one of the trendiest forms of exercise?


Why Is Yoga Good For You?

Are people practicing more Buddhism or Hinduism, or is there something about yoga that can change your life? As it is not so simple (impossible for Hindus) to change religion, it must be the effects of yoga on a person’s body, mind and soul that make it so appealing.

There’s a yoga for you

The practice of yoga is known to have many beneficial effects to people of all sizes and age. From spiritual, mental to supplemental disease therapy, yoga can help you in many ways. There are generally four main types of yoga: Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Raja, and practically countless numbers of yoga types that derive from the main sorts - from Hatha, Kundalini, Power and Ashtanga to Laughter, Bikram and Dream Yoga!


What can yoga do for you?

Yoga has been proven to help people reduce stress, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, improve concentration, posture and even digestion. It also positively affects your cardiovascular and nervous systems, among other benefits. As any form of movement, it also carries some health risks, mainly related to neck and spine injuries, so be cautious at all times!

Time is the biggest cost

The great part about practicing yoga is that is does not require a lot of extra equipment, resources or space. Almost anyone can get started straight away. You decide when and where you will do it, and how much (if at all) you want to spend on it. The internet is loaded with information and instructions, and there are just countless amounts of books and videos in all languages that will guide you, if you want to do it on your own. Even though yoga can be practiced without going to a specialized studio or fitness school, it is always advisable to start with basic classes and a certified instructor to make sure that you exercise in a correct and safe way.

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