How To Find The Gear For The Good Life!

We define Good Life Gear as products and equipment that can be used in the pursuit of any of the topics we that cover here in InLivin'.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products that fall under this category: Tennis rackets, sports shoes, dumbbells, punching bags, wake-up lamps and ambient lights, wetsuits, sails, skates, balls, gymnastic equipment, yoga mats, oxygen tanks, weights, benches and much more!  

The more popular health & wellness gets, the more products rush into the market. It is very difficult to sift through the thousands of offers and products to find the ones that actually do help. This section will introduce you to some of the ones that we find worthy of mention and further exploration.

The easiest way to divide up Good Life Gear is into the following categories:

Standard Clothing & Shoes

It is safe to say that everyone reading this has worn sport clothing or sports shoes at one time in their lives. Even if you never played a sport! This phenomenon has become so strong in part thanks to companies like Converse, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. These companies made running & tennis shoes to be worn by the common man and non-athlete. By the mid 1980’s, sports brands had become as mainstream as any other brand labels in the garment industry. Today you can’t walk five steps in public without seeing people wearing basketball shoes, football jerseys or the ubiquitous baseball hat!

Specialty Clothing & Shoes

Many of the same brands mentioned above have remained true to their roots and have a wide line of clothing and shoes specifically designed for high performance for sports, athletes and performers. Running shirts that wick away moisture, batting gloves that add extra grip, or polarized goggles for spotting bumps on the slope. In addition, think of bike shoes with clips to connect to the pedals, ski boots, golf spikes, track shoes, ballerina slippers bowling shoes and tap shoes.

Sporting Equipment

Anyone who is interested in certain sports will undoubtedly have had to purchase equipment to use. This can range from tennis rackets to baseball gloves, soccer balls to hockey sticks. Golf clubs to hula hoops for rhythmic gymnasts! Although much different to the aforementioned, a portable football goal, badminton net or a basketball hoop are also necessary equipment for those sports.

Of course there is also protective equipment like American football shoulder pads, shin guards, helmets and who could forget jock cups? (what male could forget those torturous things?!?)

Specialty Equipment

Similar to the regular equipment, these items are used for more specialist and extreme sports like rock climbing, scuba diving, or kite-surfing. Special masks, ropes, sails, parachutes, crampons, harnesses and tools like hammers and spikes all fall into this category.

If you are reading this and asking “what the heck is a crampon?”, you are not alone! FYI, crampons are the iron spikes that are attached to the bottom of mountaineering boots to assist in traction when climbing ice. OK, so you knew that already... but did you know that crampons were originally designed for attackers to climb ramparts and stone towers of medieval fortresses? ;-)

Sports Apparatuses

These are best considered as equipment that a person mounts, hangs from, lays on or walks on. For example, parallel bars or hanging rings for a gymnast, or even monkey bars or swings in a playground. Trampolines, balance beams, diving boards and zip lines are apparatuses. 

How about sports gym equipment like a treadmill, rowing machine or punching bag? There are specialised weight systems as complicated as home gyms with hundreds of moving parts or as simple as a pull-up bar fastened in the doorway!


As the title would imply, these are things that can get you from point A to B, with curves, cuts, edges, jumps, shreds, rips and rooster tails in between!

Bikes and skates are obvious means of transportation that can also be used for sport and fitness, however these are not the only things we consider vehicles. Imagine also sailboats, snowmobiles, sleds, wave runners, river rafts and inner-tubes, canoes, skateboards, wakeboards, water and snow skis, roller skates, ice skates and much more...

Perhaps some of the more interesting vehicles come from new technologies, modern versions of old takes and hybrids. A skateboard was a modification of an old fashioned push scooter. A snowboard is a hybrid of a skateboard and a snow ski. A wakeboard began life as a Skurfer (a combo of a surfboard and a water ski) but evolved more into a hybrid of a snowboard and a water ski! The technologies have a lot of similarities and overlaps.

At one point, roller skates became inline skates (or Rollerblades). The variety of skates is mind-boggling now, with specific models for freestyle, speed, downhill and even off-road! Now there are vehicles called Trykes, which are like giant three-wheeled skates in a sort of cross-trainer structure.

With the increase in modern techniques, ultra-light and improved strength materials, the Good Life Gear of the 21st century continue to evolve and improve. This opens the door for many people to get interested in a sport that they would have never even been exposed to before.

Consider mountain bikes; these didn’t exist prior to the 1970’s and now they are the most popular of all bikes on the market, whether you live in a mountainous region like Switzerland, a hilly area like San Francisco or even a place like Amsterdam where the largest inclines you will find are the bridges that span the canals!

Informational Guides / Coaches

These can be looked at as assistants to achieving a desired effect. Often this comes in the form of a book or computer tutorial. (See Education) Sometimes it can be a training technique, or a special piece of equipment that allows a person to develop their skill. A pitching machine that shoots balls at you, a tennis ball attached by string to a weight so you can practice volleys, or a laser guided putter for improving your golf swing would be at home in this category.

Mind / Body / Spirit

Any products that help people achieve personal growth, balance and wellness should be included. Crystals, chimes, gongs, pyramids, incense and aromatherapy oils. Ambient music, meditative hymns and chants are at home here as well. Things that also fall into specialty clothing like yoga clothing, mats or special meditation blindfolds can also fit into this category.

Health & Wellness Products

Items like massagers (from electric handhelds, to full chair systems), spa products like bath salts and special towels, heat lamps and sonic devices all fall under this topic.

In Conclusion

So when you look at all of the things we mentioned, it is easy to see how difficult it can be to know which gear to spend your time and money on. See our index, or use the search box in top right of this site to search by specific products.