Markets for Everyone - Special Needs, Elderly, Pregnant, Children, Baby

We hope all of the topics InLivin' covers appeal to a variety of people, yet among us all there are even further differences that need to be responsibly addressed. In this section we want to give attention to the awesome number of services and products that are directed to specific types of people and special needs markets.

We are all unique. so what makes these markets SO special?

Staying well-informed is important for ourselves, for our children, and for our parents or other family members we may be caring for. Some know exactly what they should be doing to stay healthy, fit and generally happy, but do not have the time or willpower to implement change into their life regime, some do not even know what is on offer, and others couldn’t care less.

Change often comes when we (or our loved ones) are faced with a new situation or phase of life that forces us to adjust our normal lifestyle, or with education, when a guide like InLivin’ presents new options to make our lives better.

We come in all shapes, sizes, physical and mental backgrounds, yet all people have the same thing in common: Normally we would (or would like to) do our best to eat well, find the best foods, the greenest products and the most suitable sports to meet our bodies requirements.

Whether you are pregnant, already a parent (or grandparent, aunt or uncle, etc.) or if you are retiring, your needs become more specific, or you may just want to meet people with similar interests or wishes. There are so many products and services on the market that cater to specific groups with different needs, from expecting parents to senior citizens, toddlers to teens. With all on offer, you want to make sure you find the best for you and your family, in the right location. This section of InLivin’ will bring the best your specific needs.

Pregnancy & “baby talk”

Whether you or someone you care about is expecting, you are about to see your interests and needs shift drastically! Soon, you will be responsible for another being, a little person that will be dependent on you and the choices you make for them. It matters not if you are the parent; if you care about the little person in any way, you will soon be searching for products for that child.

From vitamins, cosmetics, formulas, baby yoga and massage to toxin free baby bottles and other gear, you are about to enter a new planet filled with products and services you probably had no interest in before this phase in your life! And even though some parenting blogs or humorous articles may suggest that you actually only need 5 products for your baby (if you are really determined or trying to prove a point), you may ask yourself a lot of debatable questions:

“Can I still keep cycling for groceries on my 24-speed roadbike with a newborn, or should I actually think of a safer alternative for transporting my fragile offspring? Perhaps my child should wear a helmet when cycling with me, even though it is not legally required?

Will my child benefit from me eating only organic produce when breastfeeding? Does it matter what type of bottle I serve my babies formula in, and why would I spend a bit extra for the newest technology BPA Free plastic bottle? Gosh, I didn’t even realize what impact dirty diapers can have on the environment, and do some people really use re-usable diapers?!?

I could sure use a massage, but my baby wants one too?!? Will my baby actually need knee protectors for crawling, in fact, how did I grow up without them? Where do I buy an eco-friendly baby shower gift for my eco-crazy co-worker?“

These sort of questions may sound crazy to the uninitiated but these and many more will pop up from time to time if you are educated and prepared for a baby’s arrival.

Toddlers, Kids and Teens

Every good parent should teach their child as thoroughly as possible. Even though kids spend the most of their day in pre-school or school, it is still the responsibility of the parents to guide their child through life; helping them obtain the most important skills to become happy and successful adults.

Even though sport classes are offered at schools, they are usually not enough for the physical development of a young person, or let’s say they are not enough to run down the energy from these little guys! There are hundreds of options for afterschool and extra activities, from yoga and dance to martial arts or specific sports. Even when school is out, there are many camps and city activities in which your child can participate; from weight loss camp to computer camp, there are many ways to stimulate your child’s growth and education or simply develop a skill that they have a predisposition for. If your kid is a born chef, yet you can’t even cook an egg properly, many courses will offer cooking or baking classes for children that will foster their talent. If your family is multi-lingual, your kid may benefit from some extra language classes... at the very least their mother tongue!

Some kids may have even more specific needs. As more people are diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, psychomotoric or social development problems, there are more and more classes offering group or individual training that can help. Some may even be subsidies by your local city council [gemeente] or reimbursed by your insurance company.

In the age of obesity and growing numbers of children diabetes, there are a number of services that address these problems, or simply make that child’s life easier when being able to socialise and to support one another with other kids with the same condition. Soon we may see many more diabetes, allergy or boot-camps that will cater to the special needs of our kids, helping us sleep at night knowing that they will not be fed nuts, or that they will get their insulin on time when on holiday. By making the right decisions for our family, we will feel happy to provide them a good life. 

Seniors and Elderly

Once we reach a certain age in our lives, we may want to take things a notch down. As we retire, we may have a bit more time to do what we like, and we may want to do it at the pace we like, with other people of similar needs.

Even though not so commonly advertised, there are so many great services directed to the older people in our society. And as in other special markets, it may be possible to get insurance coverage!

As you may have noticed in the earlier parts of this guide, yoga and sports classes are offered to practically every age or gender group, and so are special health retreats. But, there are many more things to do to give us a good life. As the internet and mobile phones becomes more and more popular and affordable, so are the classes that offer how to operate this crazy equipment! Did you know that there are special courses for seniors to learn how to surf the net, operate a smart-phone or helping to find the most suitable setting and apps? No longer do you have to count on the help of your grandson to unlock that devil’s sent device, and you can learn it at your own pace!

There are also a large variety of martial arts and defence courses suitable for older people, where the instructors will be more sensitive to their needs and the speed with which they want to train or learn. Special “valpreventie” [EN: fall prevention] classes are taught to teach people how to avoid a possible fall, and how to deal with possible fear of the consequences of such an incident, as well as living alone in a safe environment. Not only can people benefit from the skills they may obtain during such classes but also meet others in a similar situation.

Not only for seniors, there are some great new services online that can help us greatly! Whether a single mother on a stormy day or a senior with a walking disability, there are more and more online drugstores that will deliver your medication or even repeat-prescriptions free of charge, right to your door! Being independent may make one’s life a truly good one.

Special Needs

If you or a loved one has any mental or physical challenges then you will know how important it is to maintain as great a lifestyle as possible. Many of the services listed in this book are very accommodating for people with special needs.

Whether you are blind or deaf, paralyzed or are missing limbs, you will have your own interests. Often it is very comforting to spend time with others who share our special need. If not only for the companionship then for the tips and tricks that may be passed on from person to person. If you have mental challenges that affect your learning or social skills, you can still achieve a great quality of life!

Chronic Illness

Life doesn’t always go as planned and for some of us, a sickness or disease can affect us in a major way. A “life changing” diagnosis does not have to be solely negative. Some positives can be found if you have the education and outlook from a larger perspective. Talking to other survivors and having a positive atmosphere can play a huge role in the path to healing.

We Are All Special

It is easy to see that there are thousands of special markets to cater to so many different needs, with good reason. InLivin’ will not answer all of the questions we posed above; instead we prefer to direct you toward the right people and services with the best solutions. It is important to embrace the differences that makes us all special and seek ways to improve ourselves and the quality of our lives. Use the InLivin’ guide to seek out the answers and find the Good Life.