What Is Spirituality & What Are Spiritual Arts?

Spiritual Arts have been around since mankind began, as the "spirit" is an inextricable part of our soul, our being. Who are we without it? The "spirit" of a person is one of the least discovered aspects of humanity yet one of the most accessible to self-explore.


Mind Over Matter

The brain works in mysterious ways and its power is largely underused or untapped. Our minds have a major influence on our spirit and vice-versa. There is an incredible range of connections that link them.

What makes Spiritual Arts so interesting is that they can be as simple as breathing or as complicated as learning meta-physical theory. They are comprised of some of the most basic parts of life and some of the most mysterious.


Spirituality Thoughout History

In ancient times, spirituality was used as a quest to learn more about the workings of the body and nature in general. Of course religion played a role in this part of history. Most phenomena and acts of nature were not able to be explained by science at that time, so humans used spirituality in a quest for enlightenment. In the modern era, science has taken the place of “faith” and consequently “explained away” many of life’s little secrets.


Modern Sciences

When science and research claims something to be true these days, we usually accept the results without further questioning. This prevents us from reaching our fullest potential as humans because it is possible that science and modern research still can’t explain everything we face as human beings; for example, what happens when we die? Spirituality may yet have better answers than science in some cases.


So Just What Is A Spiritual Art?

We define it as any discipline, study or practice that uses the mind and/or body to overcome physical and mental boundaries, to become stronger, closer to nature and in better harmony with self and one's surroundings.

A higher sense of awareness and general peace can be achieved through practicing Spiritual Arts. Yoga, meditation, qi-gong, tai chi, feng shui, Zen, Confucianism, even philosophy and religion are tools that can be used and developed by a person who wishes to achieve self-understanding, fulfillment and happiness. Amsterdam is a "melting pot" of cultures and the sheer number of Spiritual Arts on offer here in lnLivin' will testify to that. From existentialism lectures to Buddhist temples and tarot readings to Scientology, you can find everything here!

Because our city is one of the crossroads to the world, it acts as fertile ground for the exchange and development of ancient arts and sciences. Spiritual Arts are completely at home amongst the enlightened and progressive people of Amsterdam. With this in mind and considering its importance, the "spirit" is too often neglected in today's hectic, capitalistic pursuit of fame, fortune and self-indulgence.

We mustn't forget to look inward from time to time. It can help make us better neighbors, teachers, parents, children, friends and lovers. It should make us better people.


Why Should You Explore Spiritual Arts?