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Andra Perrin

Andra Perrin

Marcusstraat 52-3d
1091 TK Amsterdam
tel: 6 418 60 800

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Andra Perrin offers Chi Kung and Shiatsu classes in various Amsterdam locations.

Andra Perrin is half German and French and grew up in the Paris area of France. From a young age she started with various movement practices like judo and contemporary dance. When she moved to Amsterdam to start studying at the Theaterschool she focused more on dance, choreography and new media. Aside, she kept always exploring different disciplines: feldenkrais, alexander technique and tai chi. Since 2005 she has trained as a shiatsu therapist and started intensively practicing Aikido with Wilko Vriesman Sensei. Since 2009 she is practicing Da chen chuang zhan zhuang chi kung under Peter Den Dekker. She is affiliated to the VBAG and to the Zen shiatsu association, holds a second dan aikikai aikido grade,and is a recognized basic chi kung teacher from Peter Den Dekker. Her sessions are based on shiatsu, and she works with pressure on the acupuncture meridians and points, and using a whole range of skills she developed over the years about diagnosis, healing methods, listening, stimulating awareness and leading dynamic changes where needed in the body. Working on a sense of rooting in the present, bridging past and future to have a better perspective of where you are right now in the course of your life, trying to move and find the right balance between tension and relaxation. The sessions are accessible for a big range of symptoms and distress, both physical, mental, or emotional.

Depending on your medical insurance some cost of shiatsu therapy might be covered.

In the basic Chi Kung classes we look at standing still, we try to connect with our inner core in order to strengthen and develop it. The primary aim of the classes is to release tension and feel reloaded, charged up again at the end of the class. We discover how to channel stress, pressure and tension in the daily life in order to feel more resilient through using simple repetitive, slow exercises. Company trainings are always looking at a very specific request. Mostly based around a team of 12-25 people, we can explore team dynamics, how we engage into relationships while keeping our core integrity. Using exercises specially designed for the client we look from the physical perspective at how a team functions and engages with challenges of daily business activities.

Shiatsu: Costs euro 60 per 60 minute session

Opening hours in box below.

Opening hours Chi Kung Classes:

M: 10:00 - 21:30 (Marcusstraat 52-3d - Amsterdam Oost)

T: 12:00 - 13:00 (Delistraat 48 - Amsterdam Zeeburg)

F: 18:00 - 19:30 The Movement Practice profile.

Cost euro 10 (60 min) - euro 15 (90min)- reduction price for 4 or 10 classes card. Check website for more details.


9:00 17:00
9:00 17:00
9:00 17:00
9:00 17:00
9:00 17:00


  • Corporate Training
  • French
  • German
  • Group Classes
  • Individual Training
  • Aleksander Technique
  • Da chen chuang zhan zhuang chi kung
  • feldenkrais
  • Massage
  • shiatsu
  • Chi Kung
  • Zen
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Member reviews


  • 9.3

The gift of presence

I participated in Andra's sessions for 10 months, first as part of an in-company program and later privately in her group sessions. Through her sessions I learned how to manage my energy & stress better, how to be more present and grounded. I also feel physically stronger more in touch with myself. I... full details


  • 9.1
Marja van der Kieft

Subtle, clear and powerful

The way Andra teaches this style Chi Kung, " the art of standing still", is subtle. At the same time she is very clear in her explanations. She shows the connection of what we experience in the exercises and daily life. Not to serious, but light, with humour and very professional. I have been... full details


  • 8.5


Andra's class is wonderful! Always calm and sereen, but also always with a smile, she knows how to find the right balance. I love her attention to the body and especially how she gives her students time to figure their own posture and body out. I've only taken a few classes so far, but am completely hooked... full details


  • 9.0

Energy with a personal touch

Andra's Chi Kung lessons are a great way for me to connect with my core and be more resilient in general. I've been practising with her for almost a year and experience her teaching style as great and grounded. Classes are given in an intimate and personal... full details